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1. After the creation of man, the Creator, Jehovih, said unto him: That thou shalt know thou art the work of My hand, I have given thee capacity for knowledge, power and dominion. This was the first era.

2. But man was helpless, crawling on his belly, and he understood not the voice of the Almighty. And Jehovih called his angels, who were older than the earth, and He said unto them: Go ye, raise man upright, and teach him to understand.

3. And the angels of heaven descended to the earth and raised man upright. And man wandered about on the earth. This was the second era.

4. Jehovih said to the angels that were with man: Behold, man hath multiplied on the earth. Bring ye them together; teach them to dwell in cities and nations.

5. And the angels of Jehovih taught the peoples of the earth to dwell together in cities and nations. This was the third era.

6. And in that same time the Beast (self) rose up before man and spake to him, saying: Possess thou whatsoever thou wilt, for all things are thine, and are good for thee.

7. And man obeyed the Beast; and war came into the world. This was the fourth era.

8. And man was sick at heart, and he called out to the Beast, saying: Thou saidst: Possess thyself of all things, for they are good for thee. Now, behold, war and death have encompassed me about on all sides. I pray thee, therefore, teach me peace!

9. But the Beast* said: Think not I am come to send peace on the earth; I come not to send peace, but a sword. I come to set man at variance against his father; and a daughter against her mother. Whatsoever thou findest to eat, be it fish or flesh, eat thou thereof, taking no thought of to-morrow.

10. And man ate fish and flesh, becoming carnivorous, and darkness came upon him, and he no more heard the voice of, or believed in Him. This was the fifth era.

11. And the Beast divided itself into four great heads, and possessed the earth about; and man fell down and worshipped them.

12. And the names of the heads of the Beast were, Brahmin, Buddhist, Christian and Mohammedan. And they divided the earth, and apportioned it between themselves, choosing soldiers and standing armies for the maintenance of their earthly aggrandizement.

13. And the Brahmins had seven million soldiers; the Buddhists twenty millions; the Christians seven millions; and the Mohammedans two millions, whose trade was killing man. And man, in service of the Beast, gave one-sixth of his life and his labor to war and standing armies; and one-third of his life he gave to dissipation and drunkenness. This was the sixth era.

14. Jehovih called out to man to desist from evil; but man heard Him not. For the cunning of the Beast had changed man's flesh, so that his soul was hid as if in a cloud, and he loved sin.

15. Jehovih called unto His angels in heaven, saying: Go ye down to the earth once more, to man, whom I created to inhabit the earth and enjoy it, and say ye to man: Thus saith Jehovih:

16. Behold, the seventh era is at hand. Thy Creator commandeth thy change from a carnivorous man of contention to an herbivorous man of peace. The four heads of the Beast shall be put away; and war shall be no more on the earth.

17. Thy armies shall be disbanded. And, from this time forth, whosoever desireth not to war, thou shall not impress; for it is the commandment of thy Creator.

18. Neither shalt thou have any, nor Lord, nor Savior, but only thy Creator, Jehovih! Him only shalt thou worship henceforth forever. I am sufficient unto Mine own creations.

19. And to as many as separate themselves from the dominion of the Beast, making these covenants unto Me, have I given the foundation of My kingdom on earth.

20. And all such shall be My chosen: By their covenants and by their works shall they be known henceforth on the earth as Mine, and shall be called Faithists.

21. But to as many as will not make these covenants, have I given the numbers of the Beast, and they shall be called Uzians, signifying destroyers. And these shall be henceforth the two kinds of people on earth, Faithists and Uzians.

22. And the angels of heaven descended to the earth, to man, and appeared before him face to face, hundreds of thousands of them, speaking as man speaketh, and writing as man writeth, teaching these things of Jehovih and His works.

23. And in the thirty-third year thereof, the Embassadors of the angel hosts of heaven prepared and revealed unto man in the name of Jehovih, His heavenly kingdoms; and have thus herein made known the plan of his delightful creations, for the resurrection of the peoples of the earth.

24. Not immaculate in this Book, Oahspe; but to teach mortals how to attain to hear the Creator's voice, and to see His heavens, in full consciousness, whilst still living on the earth; and to know of a truth the place and condition awaiting them after death.

25. Neither are, nor were, the revelations within this Oahspe wholly new to mortals. The same things have been revealed at the same time unto many, who live at remote distances from one another, but who were not in correspondence till afterward.

26. Because this light is thus comprehensive, embracing corporeal and spiritual things, it is called the beginning of the Kosmon Era. And because it relates to sky, earth and spirit, it is called Oahspe.

*Ref: St Matthew, Chapter 10, Verse 34-36
Christ said: "Think not that I come to send peace on earth:
I come not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set
a man at variance against his father, and the daughter
against her mother, and the daughter in law against her
mother in law. And a man's foes shall be they of his own


Anonymous said...

I see you were born in my neck of the woods and that you also published a book with Trafford.

Thanks for commenting on my Blog, but it was too long and it was not on the topic posted.


Radcliffe said...

Enjoyed the post...the Ra Material points to the concept in OAHSPE that freewill is preserved for the reader in that truth is veiled and unveiled in OAHSPE. This post definitely highlights that.

Andy Charrington said...


Your blog makes for very interesting reading indeed. I would love it if you could contribute or at least take a look at my new website

It aims to gather a global view of God, Gods or lack of and similar subjects and collate them into a very interesting and insightful book.

Thank you for your time and sorry if you think i am spamming. I'm not!

Anyway, again, i really enjoyed reading your blog and i feel yur input would be very usefull and insightful.



Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

there dont apear to be anybody interested in the creator,they must be as the worlds people,dead" dont you know?hes the easyist to find, a breath away,ever presant at all times.have you found him? beware it will put the fear of godin you when you find realize its all true that there is a creator.why is one rose red and one rose white?why is the mountains high and the valleys low?where does your thoughts come from the highest? the lowest?

Anonymous said...

Hah, Beasts are religions? Um, no theyre not. They are Empires/Kingdoms. The bible was written by prophets, and unless you know prophetic language there will not be much you can understand. Religions in prophetic language fall under what is called "Egypt" and "Babylon", Bab-El means "gateway to God" representing the tower of Bab'El being man's own way to God, not God's way.

Oahspe Cult Information said...

I was in an Oahspe Bible UFO Doomsday Cult for 2 years.
These people are only interested in how much money you have or any property you my own.
These UFO DOOMSDAY Cults based on Oahspe, have destroyed many many marriages, and seen how these people RIP FAMILIES APART.

Did you know, there were 15 UFO DOOMSDAY Oahspe Bible cults in Anaheim, California from 1970 until 1986?

All of them were waiting for a UFO SHIP to rescue them from earth, and they were almost identical to HEAVEN's Gate Suicide Cult.
Take my word for it as a Oahspe Bible UFO DOOMSDAY CULT SURVIVOR.
Stay AWAY from these EVIL PEOPLE, they will destroy your life, and not think twice about it.

Woodson Payne
Oahspe Bible UFO Doomsday Cult Survivor

Donald said...

Concerning Cults:

Every religion has their fanatics and that will include the Faithist religion and readers of Oahspe. I personally had never heard of any Oahspe cults until I read this comment.

Cults are always the same.

1. They have a strong leader.
2. They want your money, property, etc.
3. Sex is always a part of them.
4. They make crazy promises, etc.

Sorry you got sucked into this Woodson, I just hope it does not destroy the information in Oahspe for you.


Donald Richard Ballard

Oahspe Cult Information said...

That was refreshing... someone who knows about cults.

I was in an Oahspe Bible UFO/Doomsday Cult for 2 long hellish years, in So. California.
There were 15 UFO/Doomsday Cults based on Oahspe from 1970 to 1986.

All of them were waiting on the end of the world, Armageddon, and judgement day. They were waiting for a UFO Ship to come rescue them, just like Heaven's Gate.

Many people just walked away from their wives, husbands, and children to go live in a slave labor camp in Anaheim, California where they were worked in a CULT CANDLE FACTORY for free.

The CULT LEADER was making close to half a million a year and never paid a dime in Taxes. She never paid out one single cent in wages to the people slaving away in this Doosmday Cult.

She was also running several recruiting scams on unsuspecting Oahspe Bible students by luring them into the CULT with the promise of an almost unlimited supply of money that was supposedly left to the cult.

All of it was total clap trap, and many, many people were harmed physically, sexually, and psychologically by association with this and other Oahspe Bible cults.

The Cult Leader was an expert in BRAIN WASHING, and Thought Reform.

I escaped after 2 years, but many, many more people were suckered into this and other Oahspe Bible cults before and since then.

Right now, these groups are ranting and raving about this and that quotation from Oahspe, in a desperate attempt to recruit new members in the latest and greatest Oahspe Bible Mind Control cults.

Oahspe is being repackaged as Black Spiritualism and marketed to disaffected, uneducated middle class African Americans in an internet marketing blitz. They are already spreading into Great Britain. The are almost like ISIS, and are appealing to Black Nationalist/Black Separatist and the Black supremacist movement. They have half a million viewers on Youtube.

Another cult leader is marketing his Cult Recruitment schemes into the former Soviet Union in the Russian language.

This is a very, very, dangerous time to be associating with Oahspe Bible groups.
You will never know who you are dealing with until it is too late.

Woodson Payne
Oahspe Bible UFO/Doomsday Cult Survivor
Oahspe Cult Information

Donald said...


I am very glad you have alerted readers of this blog about Oahspe cults. It is all new to me.

Now, on the positive side, here is what Oahspe is really about.

Oahspe is a history book going back over 74 thousand years and was written by God Himself. Remember though, God is NOT the Creator of this Universe. The Universe is full of millions of Gods, on millions of planets, throughout the whole Universe.

All Gods were once humans on some planet, somewhere in space. The Creator of the Universe is Jehovih but Jehovih DOES NOT look like a human. Jehovih is a GREAT SPIRIT that fills all space. Everything is inside of Him and everything is a part of Him including all of us humans, throughout the whole Universe.

Being a God is just a job, He has for a period of time, over some planet.

Down through history there has been hundreds of false gods and false religions. Oahspe tells all about these and who started them. NOBODY has to fall down and WORSHIP any of them. We have FREE WILL and must choose ourselves what God we will or will not have. We only get what we deserve.

Jehovih created all of us WITH eternal life. We do not have to worship any false God to have that.

I was raised in the Christian religion and ended up writing this book, that is yet to be published:

You might want to check this out too:

Regards: Donald