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Book Of Jehovih's Kingdom On Earth

Book of Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth,
(which containeth within it)
The Book of Shalam

All of which is ante-script.

Chapter I

1. In the early days of the kosmon era, after the revelations of the Father's kingdom on earth had been published, and was known abroad over all the world, there went forth many, in Jehovih's name, to accomplish unto the resurrection of man, and for the glory of the Almighty, the new kingdom.

2. Foremost, amongst the many, there came out of Uz one who was esteemed wise and good above all others; and because he was a representative man, the people named him, Tae.

3. And Tae prayed unto Jehovih for light and knowledge as to how best he could accomplish good unto the resurrection of the race of man.

4. And Jehovih answered Tae, saying: Go, bring My people out of Uz, and found them in a place by themselves; for now is the beginning of the founding of My kingdom on earth.

5. Tae answered, saying: Behold, O Jehovih, I have gathered together many men and many women, and they all profess a desire to found Thy kingdom.

6. One desireth to be a teacher; another, to be a superintendent; another, an overseer; another, an adviser.

7. And they are all learned and wise and good in their own way; but, alas, they are neither workers nor capitalists, the two chief of all that I require.

8. Now, I pray to Thee, O Father, what shall thy servant do?

9. Jehovih answered Tae, saying: Go, seek, and bring out of Uz orphan babes and castaway infants and foundlings.

10. And these shall be thy colony, which shall be My new kingdom on earth.

11. Tae inquired: What can a man do with babes? How shall I feed them? Moreover I have not money to hire nurses.

12. Jehovih said: Have faith in thy Creator; in a good work done unto My little ones, behold, I will provide.

13. Whatsoever thou dost unto them, even so dost thou unto Me, wherein thou shalt not fail.

14. Neither shalt thou have anything to do with any adult man or woman who is without faith in Me. Behold, My people are infants in this era.

15. Deal thou with them, and with such only as are willing to serve them; for as much as they are served, so am I served also.
Chapter II
1. So, Tae gathered together orphan babes and castaway infants and foundlings, a great number.

2. And a woman named, Es, heard of Tae and his work, and she came to him, inquiring:

3. How can a man attend babes? Now, because I have heard of thy work, behold, I have come to thee to labor for our Father in heaven.

4. Tae said: Whoso would labor for our Father in heaven, let her do unto these little ones.

5. Es said: Even for that I am before thee; I beseech thee, put me to work.

6. Tae inquired: Knowest thou the care of infants? And she answered him, saying:

7. In such labor, alas, I have had no experience, but I know Jehovih will guide me aright; otherwise, He had not inspired my soul unto the work. All wisdom is possible through Jehovih.

8. Tae said: Such being thy faith, thou art the first chosen woman in the Father's new kingdom. Go, therefore, and fulfill thy part, and may the Father be with thee.

9. So, Es went to work, accomplishing what was required unto the infants.

10. And Tae went again unto Uz, and brought hence more infants; many more than were possible unto the care of one woman.

11. So Tae issued a call, to wit:

12. Wanted, fifty men and women, who are Faithists in Jehovih, and are willing to take part in founding the Father's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven!

13. And there came in answer to Tae's call thousands and thousands of men and women.

14. And Tae cried out: O Jehovih, what shall Thy servant do? Behold, I asked for fifty men and women, and here are come thousands and thousands.

15. Jehovih answered Tae, saying: Try them My Son, and see if they be worthy. As many as are prepared, thou shalt accept; as many as are not prepared, thou shalt not accept. Behold, there is room for millions!

16. And Tae spake unto the multitude, saying: I called for fifty men and women and, lo, here are thousands, willing to take part in founding the Father's kingdom on earth.

17. Now, behold, when I saw your great number, I cried out: O Jehovih, what shall Thy servant do? I did ask for but fifty, and there are come here thousands and thousands.

18. And Jehovih answered, saying: Try them, my Son; as many as are prepared, accept; as many as are not prepared, accept not. Behold, there is room for millions.

19. Now, therefore, how say ye: What is the founding of the Fathers kingdom? Who here knoweth the way, and how to take part therein?
Chapter III
1. It came to pass that many of the multitude answered Tae; and of all that thus spake, the following were the chief words, to wit:

2. Sutta said: To do what I am willing to do, is to take part in founding the Father's kingdom; therefore, hear me:

3. To adjust capital and labor, that each shall contribute to the advantage and glory of both.

4. That the capitalist shall receive good profit on his capital; and the laborer high and uniform wages.

5. To adjust them that they can live side by side, equally, and neither above or under the other.

6. That they may have extensive domains and beautiful parks; excellent factories; virtuous and industrious people.

7. The part that I am capacitated to fill in this great work, is to reveal the key and the plans; to explain all things to both, the capitalists and laborers.

8. After that manner, Sutta went on at great length, and he was followed by several others, who had similar plans, but each one doubted the other's capacity, as being qualified for the work.

9. Aborn spake next. He said: I have heard Sutta's project. It is a farce. Capital and labor can not harmonize.

10. And even if they could, it would be a worldly basis. It would not be the Father's kingdom.

11. In His kingdom there shall be neither buying nor selling; neither servant nor master.

12. Now, behold, I say to you all, men and women, as such, can not harmonize together. They are diverse in all their ideas and general knowledge.

13. The only way to accomplish the Father's kingdom is through infants, to raise them up in the way they should go.

14. But, even with these, failure will result, save their pre-natal condition is provided for.

15. Therefore, the part I am capacitated to accomplish is, to become father to innumerable offspring, by most exalted and enlightened women.

16. Also, I have great knowledge of physiology, mentology and psychology, and I would be willing to be examiner and dictator as to prospective parents.

17. Thus spake Aborn at great length; and others spake in like manner, but each one preferred himself as the prospective father of the offspring.

18. Next spake Thurtis. She said: This it is, to found the Father's kingdom on earth; hear me, that ye may understand.

19. Behold, all things shall be possible through woman, especially as to raising up a new generation on the earth.

20. During the period of gestation, man should not approach woman.

21. Nay, in that period, woman should be treated as a very Goddess.

22. Her every want and whim and notion should be gratified to the utmost.

23. When she spake, or raised her finger, during the gestative period, every man and woman and child should run to do her service.

24. And she should be surrounded by cultured and exalted companions and charmed with sweet music and delightful entertainments.

25. Yea, as a very Goddess should all men do her reverence.

26. When such a woman hath a child born, behold, there will be one child for the Father's kingdom.

27. Now, behold, give me the choice as to who shall father my children, and such a part shall be my part, to help found the Father's kingdom.

28. After Thurtis, then spake many of the women after the same manner, and each one doubted the other's capacity to fill the place, but recommended herself.

29. Amos spake next. He said: I have heard all these beautiful systems; I am ready for any of them. Behold, I am a landscape gardner.

30. The part I can do is to lay out the grounds; for plots of flowers and grass and ornamental trees.

31. But ye shall provide laborers for me. I work not with mine own hands; I plan and design; my capacity is in my talent and in my education.

32. After Amos, then spake the five hundred physicians, each one offering himself, to be the physician for the Father's kingdom. Then spake an equal number of lawyers in the same way.

33. Next spake a thousand teachers of the piano, each one offering to teach the young for the Father's kingdom.

34. And now, with slow and solemn aspect, rose up and spake five hundred priests of Brahma.

35. They said: We have heard; we have seen. Behold, the Father's kingdom is none of these.

36. It is the second coming of Brahma. He shall come in flames of fire, from the east and west and north and south.

37. By the magic touch of his wand, the different castes of men shall be sorted; and the dead shall come forth from their graves, and Brahma shall judge them.

38. The sky shall be filled with holy angels, the spirits of the saints, with wings of fire and with tails a mile in length.

39. And the elect of the earth shall rise in glory, and be immersed in nirvana forever, even at the feet of Ormazd.

40. This it is, to found the Father's kingdom on earth. After which, all flesh shall come into life free from sin; the corruptible shall turn incorruptible forever.

41. Now, behold, our part, in founding His kingdom is to preach unto you Brahma's everlasting gospels.

42. Next to speak, were five hundred Buddhist priests. They said:

43. We have heard and seen also. Our learning, no man may gainsay. As for Brahma and his second coming, for that matter, he never came once.

44. None have seen him, nor found his dwelling-place. Therefore he is but a superstition, a relic of the dark ages.

45. Hear us, then, as to the founding of the Father's kingdom on earth:

46. It is the second coming of Buddha, when every knee shall bow down, and own him Lord of all the world.

47. Behold, Budha shall come with two swords and twelve spears, and he shall have ten thousand brides!

48. When Budha shall blow his breath upon the earth, the graves shall be opened, and the dead shall come forth, and speak.

49. And Budha shall judge them; according to case, so will he separate them.

50. And ten hundred times ten thousand million angels, with fiery wings and with tails two miles in length, shall overspread the earth.

51. And all flesh shall become incorruptible; the lion shall eat straw, and the lamb shall rejoice in its kin without fear.

52. Next spake five hundred Kriste'yan priests. They said:

53. What profanity we have heard! Behold, as for Brahma and Budha, they are but myths. It is the second coming of Kriste, which is the founding of the Father's kingdom.

54. Kriste said: Think not I came to send peace on earth; I came not to send peace, but a sword.

55. It is he that shall subdue all the world, and make men bow down, and own him Lord of all.

56. He shall come in a sea of fire, with millions of archangels. And when his servant, Gabriel, bloweth his horn upon the earth, the graves shall open, and the dead shall come forth, and speak to the living.

57. And he shall judge them; separating them, the bad to everlasting torments, and the good, who have worshipped Him, shall rise and inherit everlasting bliss.

58. Now, behold, the part we can do in founding the Father's kingdom, is to preach and explain the beautiful doctrines of our blessed Lord.

59. When many others had thus spoken, Tae said unto them: I called for such as had faith in Jehovih. I am not in the labor of founding a kingdom for Brahma, nor Budha, nor Kriste, nor for any one but the Creator, our heavenly Father.

60. As for the graves opening, I have nothing to do with that; though, for the spirits of the dead appearing face to face with the living, behold, that hath been accomplished now for more than thirty years, to hundreds of thousands of good people. So with that I have nothing to do either.

61. But since ye have not proved the communion of angels during all these years, how hope ye to labor for the Father's kingdom? To all such I say, go your ways; I have no use for you.

62. At once, one-half of the multitude rose up, and departed; mocking, saying: The spirits of the dead! We will have none such, but angels with wings, and with fleecy tails a mile in length.

63. Tae inquired once more: Who, here, hath faith in Jehovih, and, if we labor together in His name, living our all highest light, that His kingdom will be founded?

64. Hundreds and hundreds said: It depends on having plenty of money and a good plantation. With money, it can be accomplished; without money, it can not be.

65. Tae said: Your faith being in money, I have no use for you. I called for those with faith in Jehovih! Therefore, go your ways also. So, many more of the multitude departed, returning to Uz also, even as had the others.

66. Tae asked again: Who here are capable and desirous of being leaders, let them speak?

67. More than a thousand cried out: Here! That is my part. I am suited to it by nature and by experience and by great wisdom.

68. Tae said unto them: Behold the spirit of the age in which we live! No man desireth a leader or dictator over him. For that reason, go your ways also; I have no use for you.

69. Tae asked again: Who here have made a study of this subject, and are prepared to be lecturers and teachers and advisers, let them speak?

70. And, behold, another thousand cried out: That is my strength. I can explain all subjects; of diet, clothing, social intercourse, health, marriage and worship!

71. Others cried out: I am a trance speaker; I have angel guides two thousand years old!

72. Others said: I am inspirational; the ancient prophets are my spirit guides! St. John, the revelator! Confucius! Hosea! King Solomon! Daniel!

73. Tae interrupted them, saying: Behold, the signs of the times show us that, as to founding the Father's kingdom by words, sermons and lectures, they are worthless.

74. See here; I have gathered together hundreds of helpless orphan babes. They care for none of the things that have been offered; they need washing and feeding, and their clothes are to wash and mend.

75. Who, so believing in the Father, that he will give up self, in all respects, and work for these little ones, having faith that Jehovih will provide justly and sufficiently unto all, let him come.

76. You all do know how the farmers go about gathering up calves and colts and the young of all sorts; and they take them to a good place and feed them; and when they are grown up, they are the choice in market.

77. Now, behold, there are thousands of fatherless and destitute children in Uz, which, left to themselves, either die or grow up to be thieves, robbers and murderers.

78. These are cheaper than calves and young colts. And they may be raised to be of more profit to themselves and to the state, than ten times as many cattle.

79. Who, then, is ready to join in this labor without money and without price, devoting his life to training them up to practical knowledge, not only of books, but to use their hands in trades and factories, that these little ones may become useful citizens, and a joy to themselves and glory to the Father. Let such speak.

80. And, now, behold, fifty men and women spake, saying: Take us, in Jehovih's name. We have neither whim nor conceit to carry out.

81. We are willing and anxious to go to this labor, and we know Jehovih will provide unto us. From day to day His Light will shine upon us, and we shall know what to do.

82. Thy children shall be our children; thy hardships our hardships. We come not for rest, nor glory, nor for comforts; but we come to serve Jehovih in whatsoever He may give us to do for His kingdom.

83. Tae said: In Jehovih's name, I accept you. Whatsoever is mine shall be yours also.

84. Thus it came to pass, out of all the thousands and thousands who came, only fifty were accepted.

85. And the others went their way, mocking, saying: A most beautiful Father's kingdom on earth!

Chapter IV

History of Shalam, formerly called "Book of Shalam."

1. The Voice of Jehovih came to Tae, saying: Take thy people and go whither I will lead thee, and ye all shall be blessed. Quite sufficient are these, to begin the founding of My kingdom on earth.

2. And Tae and his people went away to an unoccupied country, by the river Shalam, so-called because Tae had said:

3. I take the babes the Uzians would not have, and I come to a place where the Uzians would not live, and yet I will make it a place of peace and plenty; therefore, it shall be called Shalam.

4. And when they had pitched their tents and fed the children, Tae called them together that he might speak before them.

5. Tae said: By and through Jehovih, are all things accomplished, either directly or indirectly.

6. If directly, by His inspiration, then are all things well done, and in peace and righteousness and love and wisdom.

7. If indirectly, and through other inspiration, then, indeed, is man answered in disaster and unhappiness.

8. Foremost of all, must it be man's aim to receive light directly from Jehovih in regard to all things.

9. To do which, man must approach his Creator, in words and conduct, doing in practice the right which he perceiveth in judgment.

10. Now, therefore, from our youth up we have repeated the prayer: Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

11. Yet, not one of us put forth a hand to accomplish what we prayed for.

12. In which our prayers profaned the Almighty.

13. For had we been true in heart, we had taken hold in practice, according to our best ability.

14. In not doing which, we were false before Jehovih, and He could not answer our prayers in truth.

15. Moreover, we had said to one another from our youth up: As ye would that others should do unto you, do ye even so unto them.

16. Nevertheless, we served ourselves only.

17. We visited not the fatherless and motherless.

18. We sold not what we might, and gave to to poor.

19. We professed faith in Jehovih, but we manifested faith in money and in soldiers and warfare.

20. We had said: Love the Creator with all thy soul and heart and mind, and thy neighbor as thyself.

21. Neither of which we fulfilled.

22. Now, therefore, we were unrighteous toward man, and false before Jehovih.

23. In repentance and shame have we come out of Uz; because we could not fulfill the commandments whilst dwelling in Uz. Behold, we have come thence, to begin a new life upon the earth.

24. That our labor and our lives may be given unto Jehovih, with profit for the raising up of the race of man, and for the glory of the Almighty, let us covenant ourselves unto Him in fullness of heart and of soul and with all our mind, to practice all the commandments in fullness. What say ye?

25. The multitude answered with one voice: We desire to covenant with Jehovih, that our labor and our growth may contribute to the founding of His kingdom on earth.

26. Make thou, therefore, thy covenant with the Creator, and, that we may be in unison, behold, we will repeat with thee thy words, that Jehovih may be glorified therein.

27. Tae said: Hear me, then, ere we make the covenant to Jehovih: In the heavens, the angels surround the heavenly throne with columns of fire and water; and all the space within the circuit is named, the Place of the Holy Covenant, and it is appropriated to worship and to sacred rites and ceremonies.

28. But places of amusement and of all other kinds of entertainments, not sacred in rites and ceremonies, are situated external to the Place of the Holy Covenant.

29. Now, therefore, in remembrance of Jehovih's heavenly kingdoms, let us mark a circular line around about this place, and march in procession, dedicating the enclosure to the Holy Covenant.

30. The multitude said: This is wise; by system and order and a place for all things, harmony will answer unto us. Lead thou, therefore, the way, and we will march with thee.

31. Then Tae marched, Drawing The Line of The Sacred Circle, and the multitude, two abreast, marched after him.

32. Tae said: I draw the Line of the Sacred Circle unto Thee, Jehovih. In Thy name I dedicate and enclose this, Thy Place of the Holy Covenant, to be Thine forever!

33. The multitude responded: May I remember Thy Line of the Sacred Circle, Jehovih, and comport myself within it for Thine honor and glory forever!

34. Within this place am I about to covenant myself to Thee forever, as a laborer to fulfill Thy kingdom on earth for the resurrection of man.

35. Response: May I remember the little ones within this Sacred Circle, whom Thou hast given into my charge, for whose welfare on earth and in heaven, I am about to covenant myself unto Thee, to make myself an example and sacrifice before them during all my life.

36. Together: In remembrance of the pillars of light in heaven, that surround the throne of Thy Son, God of earth and heaven, we build here a hedge and a fence, as a lasting testimony that we dedicated to Thee, Jehovih, the enclosed Place of the Sacred Covenant.

Chapter V

The Holy Covenant.

1. Then Tae and his hosts went into the midst of the Place of the Holy Covenant; and the hosts formed in a crescent, and Tae stood betwixt the horns thereof.

2. And, whilst thus standing, Tae, being moved by the Light of Jehovih upon him, uttered the covenant, and his hosts, in concert, uttered the words after him.

3. And these words were called, The Holy Covenant, even as they are to this day, to wit:

4. Thou, O Jehovih! As Thou hast declared Thyself in the Book of Jehovih!

5. To Thee I covenant myself, to be Thine forever! And to Thee only, O Jehovih!

6. And I abjure all Gods but Thee.

7. And I abjure all Lords but Thee.

8. And I abjure all Saviors but Thee.

9. In this, Thy Place of the Holy Covenant, do I covenant myself unto Thee, to be only Thine, and forever!

10. My corporeal body, I dedicate and covenant unto Thee, to be in Thy service during all my life.

11. Because Thou madest it out of Thine own material, behold, it is Thine.

12. The workmanship is Thine; the material is Thine also.

13. I have no claim upon it; unto Thee, and for Thy service, do I resign it forever.

14. Into my charge Thou gavest it unto me, as the habitation of my spirit.

15. Because it is Thy gift, I will care for it, and keep it clean and pure, before Thee, that it may be acceptable to Thee, and to the presence of Thy holy angels.

16. My spirit I also dedicate and covenant unto Thee, to be in Thy service, henceforth forever.

17. My mind and soul, I dedicate and covenant unto Thee, to be in Thy service, henceforth forever.

18. My whole self, whereof I am made, soul and body, dedicate and covenant I unto Thee, to be in Thy service forever.

19. Out of Thine own self madest Thou me, soul and body, and they are Thine only, to be used by Thee forever.

20. Appropriate Thou me, O Jehovih, my corporeal body, and my spirit, my mind, my behavior and thoughts, to be of profit to Thee, for founding Thy kingdom on earth.

21. And I covenant unto Thee, Jehovih, I will search constantly into mine own every act and deed and word and thought, to make myself true in the practice of Thy highest Light upon me.

22. That henceforth, forever, I will search to find the highest Light, and I will practice the same toward all men, women and children.

23. Unto them will I not only do as I would be done by, but more; I will do for them, with all my wisdom and strength, all my life.

24. I covenant unto Thee, Jehovih, that, since all things are Thine, I will not own nor possess, exclusively unto myself, anything under the sun, which may be entrusted to me, which any other person or persons may covet or desire, or stand in need of.

25. Neither more will I talk of myself, either in laudation of what I am, nor of what I have done; but Thou shalt judge me, and hold me accountable for shortness in word and behavior, wherein, by any means, I may manifest self-esteem or covetousness for fame, or the applause of men, even for any good I may have done unto others.

26. Neither more will I censure, nor criticise, nor blame, any man, or woman, nor any child over fourteen years of age, as an individual, in all the world, for any shortness in word or deed they manifest.

27. For they are Thine, Jehovih, and not mine, to be led or driven by me.

28. To all these Faithists, my brothers and sisters in Thy kingdom, will I deal and think and behave, in affiliation, as gentle and truly as were they my own blood and kin, brothers and sisters, or father and mother.

29. And over these babes, which Thou hast entrusted to me, will I be as loving and true as were they mine own blood and kin, sons and daughters.

30. According to Thy Light, which Thou mayst bestow upon me, will I raise them up to know Thee, and to be a glory in Thy kingdom.

31. First of my teaching unto them shall be, to make them know Thee, and to remember that Thy eye is upon them, and Thy hand above them, to bless them according to their wisdom, truth, love and purity.

32. And I will teach them the way of the communion of Thy angels; to develop them in su'is and sar'gis.

33. Teaching them to live for the spirit within, rather than for corpor.

34. Teaching them by books and instruments.

35. Teaching them useful trades and occupations.

36. Teaching them music and worship.

37. Teaching them dancing and gymnastics.

38. And, in all things, developing in them all the talents Thou hast created in them, that they may grow up to be an honor and a glory on the earth, and to rejoice because Thou hast created them alive.

39. And I will emancipate them from infancy at fourteen years of age; and bestow upon them the rights of man and woman, in their thoughts, words, deeds, choice and actions.

40. Throwing upon them, at that age, their responsibility unto Thee, for their thoughts, words, ideas, behavior, as fully as I claim the same unto mine own self.

41. And now, O Jehovih, that this, Thy kingdom on earth, may be known and distinguished from the habitations of the Uzians, we make this our solemn oath unto Thee:

42. We will not, now, nor forever, make war, nor engage in war, nor take any part in war, for any God, nor Lord, nor Savior, nor country, nor king or other ruler on earth; nor will we aid nor abet war in any way whatever.

43. Neither will we now, nor forever, eat fish nor flesh of any creature Thou didst create alive.

44. And we swear unto Thee, Jehovih, in regard to these our babes, which Thou hast given unto our keeping, to found Thy kingdom on earth, we will raise them up to abjure war, like unto this our oath unto Thee, and to practice not the carnivorous habit belonging to the Uzians.

45. Neither will we use, nor permit to be used, in Shalam, any intoxicating drink, nor weed, nor root, nor gum, nor any other drug, for the contamination of human flesh by intoxication or for stimulation unnaturally.

46. Make us strong and wise, O Jehovih, in this our covenant and oath unto Thee, for Thine are the honor and the glory of all things, time without end. Amen.

Chapter VI

The Covenant of Brotherhood.

1. Now, when Tae and his hosts had made the covenant with Jehovih, behold, the Voice descended upon Tae by entrancement, with the holy angels of the God of heaven and earth, and he said:

2. Whosoever Choose Me, I choose in return.

3. Whosoever serve Me, I serve in return.

4. Alike unto like, created I the adaptation of angels and mortals.

5. As ye have drawn a corporeal circle around My kingdom, behold, My holy angels have drawn a spiritual circle around you.

6. As ye have dedicated to Me, so do I dedicate to you, to serve you in holiness and wisdom, by angels from the throne of My God.

7. As much as ye have come to raise up My little ones, I will come to you, through My angels, and raise you up also.

8. As ye make My little ones wise, and useful, and to rejoice in their lives, so will I minister unto you.

9. As ye are covenanted unto Me against war, and to establish the practice of peace on earth, so will My hand be over you in this My kingdom, both on earth and in heaven.

10. And as much as ye are come to found My kingdom on earth, even so have I opened the kingdoms of the second resurrection in heaven unto you.

11. Proclaim it in the east and west and north and south, My kingdom is founded on earth.

12. The Voice departed, and then Tae, in his own wisdom, faced to the east, and he said:

13. Hear ye, hear ye, O mortals and angels, Jehovih's kingdom is founded on earth!

14. Then Tae faced to the west, saying: Hear ye, hear ye, O mortals and angels, Jehovih's kingdom is founded on earth!

15. Then Tae faced to the north, and said: Hear ye, hear ye, O mortals and angels, Jehovih's kingdom is founded on earth!

16. Next, Tae faced to the south, saying: Hear ye, hear ye, O mortals and angels, Jehovih's kingdom is founded on earth!

17. And Tae made the Sign of the Circle twice cut, and his hosts answered under the sign, Jehovih's Dawn.

18. And, now, the Light of Jehovih came upon Tae, and, of his own accord, he said:

19. Without a covenant of brotherhood, behold, we are like an unorganized school without a teacher.

20. As satan, in the management of his soldiers for war purposes, hath demonstrated the advantage of power through discipline, let us be wise in the Father's kingdom, by discipline also, but in peace and righteousness.

21. Unity can not be achieved but through order and discipline and rites and ceremonies and words.

22. Power is obtained more by concerted oneness of purpose than by anything else under the sun.

23. For which purposes, let us become organic for the founding of Jehovih's kingdom on earth.

24. So that, henceforth, we shall be a unit before the world, guided by Jehovih to the single end of establishing a community that can practice His commandments in full.

25. And, though we may fail in some measure, let us remember the generation we are raising up shall have more advantages and practice; and their successors shall also advance still higher.

26. Ultimately, all the world shall attain to peace, virtue, plenty and wisdom.

27. Already are we covenanted to live our all highest light, and to practice it.

28. How, then, shall we become organic, and still have no leader or overseer?

29. The highest wisdom in the state, or in a community, is not with the majority, but with a small minority.

30. The highest wisdom, which is the highest light, should guide the individual and the family and the community and the state.

31. Now, therefore, let us divide ourselves into groups of tens.

32. And each group shall select its wisest man, as speaker, and his title shall be Chief.

33. And let the chiefs be a group also, and they shall select a speaker, whose title shall be C'chief.

34. Let the business within the colony be divided into as many departments as there are groups, one to each.

35. But let the united business of the colony, in its relations to the world, and to sister colonies, be in the care of the C'chief and the other chiefs.

36. Now, behold, in the kingdoms of heaven, when a matter is announced, requiring the Holy Council's action, each and all the members who desire, speak thereon, giving their highest light.

37. And, after that, the chief giveth his highest light, which is the decree.

38. So let it be with us.

39. And it shall be discovered in a short time who is the highest light, not only of each group, but of all the groups.

40. And whosoever is chief, shall be held responsible for the errors or shortness of his group; and whosoever is C'chief shall be held responsible for the shortness or errors of the whole colony as such.

41. Who, then, knowing that what is bound on earth is also bound in heaven, is willing to bind himself unto these heavenly laws for the sake of Jehovih's kingdom on earth?

42. When Tae asked this, the whole of the multitude answered: In Jehovih's name, I bind myself in this also.

43. Tae said: Then, in Jehovih's name, repeat after me:

44. In the name of Jehovih, I bind myself to the C'chief's decree; and I bind myself to the chief's decree also, and I bind myself in the brotherhood of groups.

45. When they had thus repeated the words of brotherhood, Tae said: Let the hosts form in circle, facing the centre.

46. When they were thus formed, Tae went round the circle on the inside, going with the sun, shaking hands with each one as he passed, saying: Welcome, my brother (sister), in the Brotherhood of Faithists; with thee, I covenant to be thine equal and obedient servant, to whom I wed myself both in this world and in the next, for the resurrection of man and the establishing of Jehovih's kingdom with mortals.

47. Then, after Tae, the next one on his left went round the circle also, shaking hands, and repeating the marriage words of the brotherhood.

48. And so on, they went, until all of them had completed the Covenant of the Brotherhood.

49. Tae said: I salute you all under the sign, Jehovih's Name.

50. And they answered, by his instruction, in the sign, Many in One.

51. The Voice spake through Tae, saying: Whoever, hereafter, shall join my kingdom, shall repeat My Covenant and the Covenant of My Brotherhood, before the C'chief and the chiefs and before My chosen, in the manner ye have done before Me and My holy angels.

Chapter VII

Founding the groups.

1. The Light of Jehovih being upon Tae, he said: Let the examples of Uz be not lost upon you. But where ye have learned, and what ye have acquired, these shall ye appropriate wisely in Shalam.

2. For which purpose, it is wise that we appoint our groups as now required, to be added unto afterward, when more is required.

3. How say ye, then, shall we appoint groups this day?

4. Thereupon, different persons spake, and the sum of their wisdom was that there should be:

5. A group of architects;
6. A group of clothiers;
7. A group of dieticians;
8. A group of engineers;
9. A group of manufacturers;
10. A group of horticulturists;
11. A group of agriculturists;
12. A group of botanists;
13. A group of nurses;
14. A group of physicians;
15. A group of artists (sculpture, painting and gardening);
16. A group of musicians.

17. And these were all the groups required at that time. Accordingly, Tae proclaimed them, and called for volunteers for each and every group.

18. And these were filled, though, because there were but fifty-two members, some of them took membership in two or three groups, so that all were filled.

19. The Light still being upon Tae, he said: Since ye have made the groups, let each group now select a chief.

20. Now, many of them spake up, saying: I neither wish fame for being chief, nor do I wish the responsibility of the position.

21. Tae said: Suffer me, then, to declare the Light that is upon me; which is, that ye are here to fulfill whatsoever Jehovih may put upon you, with all your wisdom and strength.

22. Whether ye be made chiefs or not made chiefs, it is Jehovih's work ye are here to fulfill, without any regard as to your personal selves.

23. To covet chieftainship would be selfish; to refuse chieftainship would be selfish.

24. We can not found the Father's kingdom with any other members than such as say, with all their hearts, and mind and soul: Whatsoever Thou puttest upon me, O Jehovih, that will I do with all my wisdom and strength.

25. To have faith in this way, is to have faith with practice; such a one is a Faithist in fact.

26. Now, those who had spoken before relented, saying: O Jehovih, what have I done? Behold, I tript myself up even in the start. Make this a rebuke to me, O Father, and heap Thou upon me whatsoever Thou wilt.

27. Tae said: What any one can do, it is well done; wherein he faileth, because of incapacity, behold, it is not his fault, but his misfortune.

28. So, it came to pass, chiefs were selected for every group, men and women.

29. And Tae was made C'chief. And so, Tae delivered to each of the chiefs a synopsis of his duties.

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